Play a data game! Spot the jobs where women are actually paid more than men.


As with America (see our accompanying viz), the UK has a depressingly wide gender pay gap. Actually the UK’s gap is even bigger than the USA’s. According to the ONS, British men on average earn 19% more than British women (compared to 17% more in the States.)


In the two highest-paid UK women’s careers, women are getting paid more on average than men. Female IT & telecoms directors get a typical salary of £63.3k compared to £60.2k for men. Women who are senior police officers get on average £59.8k a year, compared to £57.7k for their male counterparts.


Men wanting to earn the highest possible income in the UK might aspire to becoming a chief exec (average pay £86.5k). Though women in similar positions are earning a staggering 38% less on average (£59k).


The gender pay gap in some industries is up to double the average. Women in metalmaking, textiles and printing have it particularly tough.


The USA boasts one field (healthcare technology) where there is no gender pay gap. In the UK the closest industry is electrical engineering, where men earn on average 1.8% more than women.

See our accompanying visualization Gender Pay Gap US.