Research dump: Coronavirus & COVID19 latest science, reports, data

I’ve been trying to keep up with the firehose of COVID19 research in order to distill and visualise more infographics.

But it’s proven too much to manage on top of writing a new book and launching an app.

So here’s everything I’ve recently been reading and processing for data and insights. I hope to crystallise much of it in visual form soon!

(Apols – lots of this is New York Times – they’re doing such great work)

» An analysis of 3 covid outbreaks and how they happened (El Pais)
» Best Trackers & graphics: Johns Hopkins, Our World in Data, Financial Times, New York Times
» Great Vaccine FAQs from New York Times & Washington Post
» Excellent Coronavirus/COVID FAQ (BBC News)
» Global COVID death rates are dropping – as long as hospitals aren’t overwhelmed (New York Times)
» COVID vs Flu vs Cold (The Guardian)
» 3 essential articles on air travel & COVID 1 2 3 (New York Times)
» Mask wearing: What the data says (Nature Journal)
» 15-30% of cases are asymptomatic (Nature Journal + study)
» Lest We Forget: Moving obituaries of people who have died of Coronavirus (New York Times)
» Can you catch COVID outdoors? Answer: not really (BBC)
» How to minimize COVID transmission in cars (New York Times)
» An Appreciation for Vaccines, and How Far They Have Come (New York Times)
» Coronavirus’s Disproportionate Black Mortality Rate and Why Social inequities might be driving this (New York Times)
» Loss of smell a ‘highly specific indicator of COVID. 77.6% people get it. 40% had neither cough nor fever (NHS)
» Latest COVID-effective treatments and medicines
» Vaping increases risk (New York Times)
» Why you need to isolate (New York Times)
» Vaccine efficacy vs effectiveness. What does 95% effectiveness really mean? (New York Times)
» How do the Vaccines work? (washington post)
» How do the Vaccines work? (new york times)
» No Natural Immunity is Not Safer Than a Vaccine (New York Times)
» Immunity lasts at least 6 months (Japan Times) – maybe even years (New York Times)
» Long COVID symptoms, chronic illness and hospital rehabilitations for COVID sufferers (New York Times, Bloomberg)
» Long COVID affects young people too (CDC)
» Can wearing glasses protect you from COVID? Kinda. (New York Times, study)
» Do Blood Groups A, B, O etc affect risk? Suggestive evidence (CNN & study)
» The speed, spread and strategy of vaccine deployment matters just as much as efficacy (Health affairs)

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