365 Days of Beautiful News

Every day for a year, we’ve charted positive stats, unseen trends and creative developments that you probably won’t see on the news.

Revealing a landscape, beyond the headlines, of slow and gradual change that is progressive and excitingly good.

A place where we’re actually not that divided. People are living longer, having better lives. Where more women & girls are being educated, can vote and experience growing equality. Where fewer children & mothers are dying. And there is actual hope for the climate.

Have a look – it’s really gorgeous out there!

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thanking you

A huge HUGE shout out to the sterling team that made this happen.

Dr. Stephanie Starling – painstaking research & data
Omid Kashan – beautiful website & APIs
Fabio Bergamaschi – lead design & polishing
Duncan Geere – editorial & visualisation
Kathryn Ariel – art direction
and myself David McCandless – creative direction & design

and our freelance compadres: Rhodri Marsden, Hanna Piotrowska, Mike Deal, Anca Mateescu, Emily Klein.

Over two years, we gathered 1,422 pieces of news in total. Of which 647 (45%) were shortlisted. And 365 (26%) finally rendered.

(As ever, all our 300+ datasets are free and open to explore and use)

Big thanks to you and those hundreds of thousands who followed, retweeted, and supported us. And of course, a special thank you to our biggest fan, Bill Gates.

in future

We’ll be back later in the year with more beautiful news, deeper visual explorations of some topics, and a companion book.

But first, a lie down…