Updates Are Beautiful No 2

We’ve been working on some under-the-hood updates on the site and content. Here they are:

Snake Oil

» Snake Oil Interactive Introducing an updated version of our interactive ‘living image’ on nutritional supps. Now you can click on bubbles to see key studies. Try it.
» Snake Oil Top to bottom revise of the data including the grand demotion of Evening Primose Oil for PMS and Chrondroitin for joints. But the promotion of Cocoa for health. Go chocolate! See the still-image, Google Doc of data, or the changelog for details.


» New Visualizations Page Browse the awesome viz archive more slickly.
» Threaded Comments Now we can have arguments within arguments!
» New Store We’ve integrated our poster store into the site. If you wish you can now bag signed copies of Information Is Beautiful and a exclusive new print of our TimeLines image.


» Handheld Is Beautiful A special beta-version of this site now awaits users of Iphone, Android, Palm, Samsung, Blackberry touch. Simply browse the site on your phone to activate it. (We’re still optimising & designing this aspect. Please leave any comments / ideas / features below)

All this is prep for an exciting new phase for Information Is Beautiful. Cool new projects will be launching soon. Stay tuned!

p.s. we’re hiring BTW

THANKS:Gene Robinson for Thematic theme customisation and general PHP wizardry