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Workshops are Beautiful, but don't just take our word for it...

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“Learned a lot about how to see / frame data, and ways to present it visually to convey a message.”

“I was thoroughly inspired by this day of dataviz”

“Lots of brilliant ideas flying about”

“Genuinely one of the best workshops I’ve attended…. McCandless is an excellent instructor”

“This entire day was one of the best I’ve ever spent. David’s talk was inspiring, informative and his method of delivery was so easy to receive.”

“I attend a lot of workshops/seminars, including ones by prominent people. I knew the content would be great. I did not anticipate your delivery and the ambience would be equally as great.”

“I found it really insightful and interesting (as expected!)”

“We all feel that we learnt a lot about data viz, and it was really fun too. Not something I find myself saying about workshops very often! It was relevant for us all – account managers, strategists, writers, designers, clients. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone wanting to get a real understanding of how to approach data viz.”

“Thanks for the training. Really really worth it. Immediately applicable also.”

“I REALLY enjoyed this workshop for many reasons…not least for interacting with professionals from various disciplines who all have the same interest in data visualizations.”

“I really appreciated the insight that was provided, and the time you took following the session to provide additional feedback (and book signing!)… I’ve already started talking up the workshop to my team members.”

“David’s presentation style was impressive. He is clearly an expert at his craft but he did not intimidate those of us who are new to creating visualizations….”

“I loved the way David explained the bottom up approach for making a visualization, it opened my eyes to a new way of doing things. The slides about types of graphics, design methods and types of data story were also really nice to see.”

“I appreciated that David shared his hand drawn sketches – that really made me feel like I might be able to “do this” because I had the chance to see his process and not just the final product.”

“David’s manner is open, low key and thoughtful. This is a guy comfortable in his own skin, nothing to prove, no need to hear the sound of his own voice, plenty to show and say, doing his best to be of service to the audience.”

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“It was even better than I imagined. I can’t wait to (attempt to!) teach my own students everything I learned in just a few short hours. Thanks!”

“Thanks for a fab workshop…I came away feeling very educated and inspired to get creative”

“The event was really good, I’m already recruiting others to go see David”

“A really excellent & inspiring day”

“A great mix of talking and playing.”

“Funny and very accessible”

“Excellent workshop and great fun”

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