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Enormous and most sincere thanks for the workshop today. It was everything I was hoping for and more. Just loved it!

Thank you – this was a fabulous session! it was marvellous 😀

David is a great presenter/tutor with a relaxing manner. His sense of humour and honesty about the task ahead for the newbie helps make challenging subject matter accessible

I run online training myself and have attended various and this was the gold standard. Great variation of tasks.

Thank you. Fantastic presentation !!!

Thank you so much, David. Really appreciate the wealth of knowledge and insight you’ve shared today.

Thank you, this is such a fun and informative course

Amazing session, kept our attention till the end of the day! loved it

Absolutely a very inspiring and fantastic day ,

I really appreciated hearing about your creative process and it has helped me to feel more confident in jumping into doing more elaborate visualizations and helped me to consider how to tweak my graphic design process slightly to serve data visualization.

such a great session, really comprehensive and appropriate for lots of experience levels.

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I really enjoyed the journey we were led on to try different ways of thinking and approaching data visualisations

It was a beautifully presented workshop

Thank you for the fabulous and fun intensive today, David! I gained so much – a structured process to build and debug graphics, tons of tips and strategies to improve my work and your thoughtful answers to my many questions.

Brilliant session! Thanks DAvid

A lot of fun and very informative

very useful session!

Best class ever

Was great exercise today! Helps both ways – read/ interpret and create/think out of the box 🙂 Will see more inspiration and knowledge in your books. Thanks again and all the best!

Definitely a great addon to what I am doing with Data for User Experience

really interesting

Thanks! This was so fun and very informative 🙂 All the best!

That was a brilliant design for an all day program. Appreciate all of you and grateful for new things to think about and explore

It has reinvigorated my interests in data visualization as I was certain it would.

this workshop was fantastic and worth the wait–many years! Thank you very much!

Thank you so much! I will use all this data to bring some beauty into the boring world of corporate finance

Find out more about our workshops & trainings

I learned a lot, and as a budding scientist am excited to implement these concepts to my own research

thank you for sharing detailed, honest information. I wish more people would take the time to understand the data. Thank you for your work

Wanted to say thank you again for the training from yesterday. I learned a lot. Actually I feel that I learned everything 🙂 Seeing your process and early sketches, and also coming up with ideas and concepts so fast was mind opening. Cannot wait for the recording

Online workshop as an artform

The content was comprehensive and we had opportunity to apply in the moment which is so important

worth every penny

I thought that it was extremely useful and well-tailored

Loved the content and the exercises, and all of the tools and info shared in this workshop! Thank you so much for guiding us through this. It was great to hear your tips

I was looking forward to this workshop for weeks, and it exceeded my expectations!

I was really happy that even with having some experience in design and communication, I learned a lot from the workshop!

Learned a lot about how to see / frame data, and ways to present it visually to convey a message.

Lots of brilliant ideas flying about

“Genuinely one of the best workshops I’ve attended…. McCandless is an excellent instructor

We all feel that we learnt a lot about data viz, and it was really fun too. Not something I find myself saying about workshops very often! It was relevant for us all – account managers, strategists, writers, designers, clients. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone wanting to get a real understanding of how to approach data viz.

Thanks for the training. Really really worth it. Immediately applicable also.

David’s presentation style was impressive. He is clearly an expert at his craft but he did not intimidate those of us who are new to creating visualizations….

I loved the way David explained the bottom up approach for making a visualization, it opened my eyes to a new way of doing things. The slides about types of graphics, design methods and types of data story were also really nice to see.

I appreciated that David shared his hand drawn sketches – that really made me feel like I might be able to “do this” because I had the chance to see his process and not just the final product.

David’s manner is open, low key and thoughtful. This is a guy comfortable in his own skin, nothing to prove, no need to hear the sound of his own voice, plenty to show and say, doing his best to be of service to the audience.

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