InfluVennZa – Which is the deadliest Flu Virus?

H1N1? H2N5? H7N9? Bird flu? Swine flu? Australian Flu? Feverish with incomprehension? Let our Influ-Venn-Za diagram relieve you with this soothing lozenge of understanding.

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Corrections / Additions
– 15th Nov 2021 – Added H5N6 to chart, based on new China / South Korea outbreaks, updated data
– 28th Jan 2018 – Added Australian Flu H3N2 (link)
– 10th April 2013 – “The [H7N9] virus killed thousands of pigs..” Incorrect. Reports are conflicting. But the World Health Organisation currently states there is no evidence that the pigs were killed by the influenza virus. (source 1).
Update – 22nd April 2013 – The Star reports that only 30 of the 16,000 pigs were tested for H7N9. The cause of their death remains an open question.

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