Which Fish Are Okay to Eat?

Pollock(CANADA TRAWL) Spiny Lobster(BELIZE, BRASIL,HONDURAS,NICARAGUA) Rabbitfish New Zealand Hoki Cod(JAPAN, RUSSIA) Alaska Pollock(PELAGIC TRAWL) Yellowfin Tuna(IMPORTED TROLL,POLE & LINE, LONGLINE) Swordfish(MEDITERRANEAN) Sturgeon(WILD, GILLNET) Squid(CHINA, INDIA,THAILAND) Skipjack Tuna(GILL OR FIXED NET,LONGLINE) Skate Shark Ray Mullet Eel(EUROPEAN& CONGER) Bluefin Tuna Blue Marlin Bigeye Tuna(INDIAN, ATLANTIC &CENTRAL WEST PACIFIC) Arctic Surf Clams(ELECTRICAL FISHING) Albacore Tuna(IMPORTED, EXCEPT POLE& LINE, TROLL) Wolffish Seabass(PELAGIC TRAWL) Sardines Rock Salmon Redfish(WILD) OrangeRoughy Monkfish(USA, TRAWL, GILLNET) Halibut(WILD) Haddock(NORTH &IRISH SEA) Cod(CANADA, US) Blue Ling(WILD) Atlantic Salmon Mahi Mahi(ECUADOR &US LONGLINE) Yellowfin Tuna(US) Swordfish(CANADA, US) Squid(CHILE, MEXICO,PERU, US) Shrimp(CANADA, US) Octopus(PORTUGAL, SPAINPOT & TRAP) Hake GreenlandHalibut Dungeness Crab(CANADA, US) Albacore Tuna(US LONGLINE, TROLL,POLE & LINE) Sea Scallop Monkfish(US, GILLNET) Haddock(ICELAND, ARCTIC) Black / Red Grouper(US) Atlantic Cod(HANDLINE) North Sea Cod(US, CANADA) North Sea Cod(RUSSIA, JAPAN) Branzino(MEDITERRANEAN) Atlantic Salmon(MAINE) Tanner Crab(ALASKA) Spot Prawn(ALASKA,CANADA) Sanddab(CALIFORNIA,OREGON,WASHINGTON) Salmon(MSC OR RFMCERTIFIED) Lionfish(US) Sturgeon(PONDS, RACEWAYS) Skipjack Tuna(POLE & LINE,TROLL, PURSESEINE) Salmon(ALASKA,NEWZEALAND) Cockels(HAND GATHERED,MSC CERTIFIED) Clams, Mussels& Oysters Anchovy(BAY OF BISCAY) Spiny Lobster(MEXICO) Snow Crab(ALASKA) Atlantic Salmon(ORGANIC) Pouting(GILLNET,FIXED NET) Mackerel(UK, EU, NORWAY,HANDLINE) Langoustine(NORTH SEA,POT CAUGHT) Herring(CORNWALL,IRISH SEA,MSC CERTIFIED) Dover Sole(WESTERNCHANNEL,MSC CERTIFIED) Dab(NORTH SEA OTTERTRAWLED, SEINENETTED) Coley(ICELAND) Brown Crab(BRITISH ISLES) Blue Crab(CHESAPEAKEBAY) Turbot(ONSHORE) Tilapia(ZIMBABWE, ASCCERTIFIED, ONSHORE) Shrimp(US) Seabass(ONSHORE) Scallop Sablefish/Blackcod(CANADA & ALASKA) Rainbow Trout(US) Pangasius(ASC CERTIFIED) Manila Clam Gilthead Bream(ONSHORE, ORGANIC) Barramundi(US, VIETNAM) Arctic Char Abalone Red King Crab(US, NORWAY) Red King Crab(RUSSIA) Rainbow Trout(NET PENS,RECIRCULATIONSYSTEMS, PONDS,RACEWAYS) I care about: TOXINS CRUEL FISHING BY-CATCH ENVIRONMENTAL HARM FISH STOCKS ANIMAL WELFARE VEGETARIANISM COPY YOUR CHOICES AS TEXT CLEAR Pacific Atlantic & Pacific Atlantic Farmed NO vulnerable orendangeredspecies, caughtor farmed inharmful ways MAYBE fish are flaggedfor concern, andmay be trawler-caught YES abundant,well-managedor caught in aneco-friendlyway sources: MCS, GreenPeace, Good Fish Guide, Monterey Bay Aquariumdata: bit.ly/IIB_WhichFish David McCandless, Fabio Bergamaschi, Stephanie Smith, Miriam Quick

Updated with 2017 data.

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