Ukraine-Russian War Infographics & Data Visuals

Recommended Articles & Graphics on the Ukraine-Russian War

» Ukraine Maps: Tracking the Russian Invasion of Ukraine [New York Times]
» Total Refugees from Ukraine, compared to other countries [Flowing Data]
» Russia is a Natural Resources Powerhouse [Bloomberg, paywall]
» Visualising the $13.6 billion US spend on Ukraine [New York Times]
» Which EU countries are most dependent on Russian Gas? [Statista]
» EU Energy Dependency [Visual Capitalist]

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» Natural Gas – World’s Major Producers
» Natural Gas – All Global Producers
» Who Imports Russian Gas?
» % Dependency on Russian Gas

» Ukrainian cities compared
» World’s Major Oil Producers
» Who Imports Russian Oil?
» % Dependency on Russian Oil
» World’s Proven Oil Reserves

UPDATE 24th Feb 2023
: uploaded One Year of the War graphic
UPDATE 21st Apr 2022
: uploaded Russian Gas graphic & data
: added World’s Proven Oil reserves graphic & data
: added compass locations to each Ukrainian city
UPDATE 7th Apr 2022
: uploaded Russian Oil graphic & companion dataset
: uploaded Ukrainian Cities comparison chart