Ransomware Attacks


A data-visualisation of recent and notable ~360 ransomware attacks. A work in progress. Updated regularly.

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Interactive data-visualisation made with VizSweet.

» Russia says it has neutralized the cutthroat REvil ransomware gang (15th Jan 2022)

: 10th Jul – added massive “Kaseya” ransomware attack plus 100 more discovered in 2021
: 25th Jun – broke out the Petya, NotPetya, and WannaCry large-scale multi-company ransomware attacks into separate bubbles. Kept the specific Russian & Ukrainian targets of Petya & NotPetya inside their respective bubbles.
: 23rd Jun – Fixed an error showing many ransoms as $5. Boosted size & impact ratings for Peyta, WannaCry and other large, multi-system ransomware attacks