Diversity in Tech

Employee breakdown of key technology companies

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Which tech companies employ the most people of colour and which are more of a whitewash?

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We sifted through the global employee data of several leading tech firms where available. The data isn’t exactly black and white: not all companies declare their figures and most don’t reveal the ratio of manual labourers to executives. But some interesting patterns arise and it’s clear that some races are better represented than others.

The most graphic un-equalizer of all, though, is gender. Considering that “chicks rule” on social media, it’s strange that at employee level, social networks can look more like old boys’ networks.

New Data Analysis: Latest Figures

In the last 12 months, Facebook, Apple, eBay and Microsoft hired 1% more women. LinkedIn increased their female staff by 3%. Google’s gender ratio stayed the same.

Microsoft gained 3% non-white employees, Facebook 2%; while Google, Apple and eBay increased their non-white staff by 1%. LinkedIn lost 3% of its non-white employees.

Within the companies who expanded their ethnic diversity, Asian staff accounted for the majority of the increase, while the ratio of Hispanic employees remained static. Apple registered the biggest jump: 3% increase in Asian hires.

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