Coronavirus Myths & Mythconceptions


COVID-19 #Coronavirus myths and misconceptions debunked.

Let us know if we missed any!

Icons from the NOUN PROJECT: Beer by Adrien Coquet, Pig by Monkik, Senior by BomSymbols, Pill by Fahmi Ramdani, Money by Alice Design, Virus by Angelina, Clcohol by Smalllike, Steroids by Georgiana Ionescu, Bar Chart by Scott Desmond, Sun by Vectorstall, Poison by Symbolon, Spread by Jean Yashu, Africa by Superjakne, Bath by Andrei Yushchenko, Soap by Rivercon, Vaccine by Muhammad Tajudin, Package by Viktor Ostrovsky, Garlic by Same Old Studio, Hand Dryer by Fauzan Akbar, Lab by Supalerk Laipawat, Glass by dDara, Nose & Thermometer by Vectorstall, Colder by Phạm Thanh Lộc, Echinacea by Jim Slatton, Green Tea by Made, Orange by Iconsparty, Mosquito by Jokokerto, Pharmacy by LAFS, Face Mask by Corpus Delicti, Gloves by Creative Mania

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