Billion Dollar-o-Gram Interactive

An update of one of our first data-visualizations: the Billion Dollar-o-gram.

(See if you can find the little easter-egg in the data-viz)

This interactive ‘TreeMappa’ code is part of our forthcoming VizSweet software – a set of high-end dataviz tools for generating interactive visualisations. Find out more.

You’ll be seeing more VizSweet soon. It helps us quickly render beautiful interactive datavizzes from any kind of data, so we’ll be using it A LOT. (Although part of me snarls when I see our algorithm taking 3 milliseconds to draw what used to take me 3 days to hand-draw!)

Currently, we’re in pre-alpha. If you’re interested in being notified, being involved, or being a customer, join our VizSweet email list or Twitter.

Here’s the old ‘classic’ Billion Dollar-o-Gram in VizSweet-o-vision.

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