Because Every Country Is the Best at Something

Thanks to all the readers who have sent in suggestions. Check out the data for the full list of sources and updates.

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» Slovakia changed to ‘cars’ – Feb 2018
» Czech Republic changed to ‘libraries’ – Feb 2018
» Canada changed from ‘personal freedom’ to ‘doughnuts’ – Mar 2017
» Turkey ‘jailed journalists’ added alongside ‘Twitter censorship’ – Mar 2017
» China changed from ‘jailed journalists’ to ‘hackers’ – Mar 2017
» South Africa changed from Death to number 1 for Platinum – Dec 2016
» Canada upgraded to ‘personal freedom’ from ‘Facebook addiction’ – Dec 2016

If your country is not on the image, it’s either because
a) we couldn’t fit it in
b) we couldn’t find something your nation is the best at (sorry!)

Check out the data for the full list.

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