Licensing & Permission

Want to use or publish an Information is Beautiful graphic?

We split licensing into two categories:

Commercial (paid use)

Images need permission for usage and usually a fee for use in the following contexts:

  • Paid online education platforms
  • Commercial textbooks
  • Profit-making companies that do business with the public sector
  • Books, magazines, newspapers, commercial websites and other publications
  • To embed our work in large commercial websites
  • Any other usage connected to profit-making companies or marketing a product or service, whether paid or free

If the above describes you, please select the “Licensing” option on our contact page, providing details of the graphic you wish to license and a description of how and where it will be used.

Non-commercial (free use)

Any of our images are free to use in the following contexts:

  • Educational
    Students, educators, teachers, professors, academics in research, reports, presentations, essays, teaching, online or print etc.
    (Paid online education platforms or commercial textbooks are classed as commercial.)
  • Charitable
    Charities, NGOs, social & governmental organisations for websites, social media, presentations and print media distributed for free or low-cost.
    (Profit-making companies that do business with the public sector are classed as commercial.)
  • Public
    Visitors, bloggers, members of the public presentations, blogs, websites, Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, YouTube channels etc where the number of followers is under 100,000. (If over 100,000 please contact us for permission.)
  • Corporate
    Companies / executives using our graphics for one-off, private, in-house presentations or public conference / educational uses

If the above describes you, there’s no need to contact us or to pay. Simply grab the static image from the site (or the underlying data) and make sure you credit & link to David McCandless,