Wanted: Freelance Data Visualizers

We’ve got some big new dataviz projects looming, involving global topics, public space and even performance

Information is Beautiful founder David McCandless is looking for creative developer-visualizers proficient in javascript & front-end (and maybe other platforms) to collaborate and experiment with him on a project-by-project basis, on various creative fronts: data story-telling, large scale installations, motion infographics, machine-learning, interactive tools – and also on just vanilla, high-quality dataviz.

  • You’re experienced in data-visualization or similar code-heavy creative work.
  • You love beauty, accuracy and truth.
  • You care about global issues and the stories beneath the stories.
  • You’d like to work directly with David McCandless and the IIB Team.
  • You’re fluid & flexible, working remotely, say, on a day rate or a project fee.
  • You’d like to see your work all over the place.

Send your portfolio and a nice (but short) email to informationisbeautiful@gmail.com
with the subject line: “Freelance DataViz Ninja”
Projects starting this summer.
Entries close 21st July 11.59pm PST.