WANTED: Freelance Data Fact-Checker [CLOSED]

Tues 2nd March 2021

David (McCandless, founder of IIB) is in the final stages of his new book, based on Beautiful News. It’s taken a couple of years to put together. So, naturally, over this intense period of research, data-gathering, design and layout, errors may have crept in. Typos. Mistakes.

So we’re looking to hire someone from completely outside our small team, with fresh exacting eyes. Their task: to rove each page of the book, cross-referencing and checking all the data, sources and facts presented to double-check they are accurate and error-free.

Candidates will have
: Demonstrable fact-checking or research experience
: Keen, like, super-keen, eye for detail
: Love of spreadsheets and correctness
: Appreciation for visualisation
: Fastworking skills

START: Week of 8th March
RATE: Hourly $30USD / £21.5UKP per hour
SETUP: Remote, flexi, any timezone
SCOPE: 240 pages (though many are 2 page spreads)
DURATION: As long as it takes, but finish by end of March.
POSSIBILITIES: Of future work? Sure!

NOTE: This is data fact-checking. Checking sources, data-sheets, websites, studies. Not phoning-people-up fact-checking.

Closing date for applications:
SUNDAY 7th March 2021 midnight PST

Please send a brief email citing your fact-checking experience & CV to:


with the subject line:

Submissions without this subject line will be ignored – sorry! We get a lot of email.

Thank you and good luck!