Meta vs. Meta – How Facebook’s ‘Supreme Court’ modulates the company’s content moderation.

An interactive visualisation of all the cases and decisions Meta’s Oversight Board has taken between 2020 and today. 

The semi-independent ‘Supreme Court’ deals with controversial content-moderation issues on Facebook and Instagram. Hate speech. Promotion of dangerous organisations Misinformation on important topics. The 20 members of the board have selected just 78 cases from over 1.3m submitted per year. See where they over-ruled or upheld Meta’s decisions – and whether you agree.

Beyond Facebook, content moderation is a complex dilemma for many tech platforms, raising complex issues and edge cases that neither free speech absolutism nor ultra-rigid censorship can easily solve.  The decisions in this dataset could set precedents for future content moderation everywhere.  And, at the least, highlight the dynamic, subtle and often hyper-granular minefields of speech, censorship and governance in the digital age.

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Source: Meta

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