How to Get the World to Netzero Carbon Emissions by 2050 – A Graphical Guide

Where our emissions come from & what needs to be be done to halve and then curtail them to #netzero by 2050.

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Over 1,500 pages of research, reporting, datasheets and articles condensed into one infographic.

I did a lot of reading…😣
» How to Avoid A Climate Disaster by Bill Gates (384 pages)
» The Drawdown (256 pages)
» Exponential Roadmap (171 pages)
» Princeton: Net Zero America (345 slides, PDF)
» Ameria‚Äôs Zero Carbon Action Plan (401 pages)

Part of a solutions-oriented #climatecrisis series we’ll be unveiling over the next few weeks. Taken from our new book Beautiful News.