Beautiful News book UK Edition – out today

200+ hand-crafted infographics and visualisations, surfacing positive trends, uplifting stats and creative solutions to the world’s problems. Each with their own unique dataset available online.

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Thank you to everyone who poured heart, soul & creativity into making this mega-project happen…

Concept, design & research: David McCandless
Design: Fabio Bergamaschi, Omid Kashan, Hanna Piotrowska, Mike Deal, Anca Mateescu, Emily Klein,
Research & concepting: Stephanie Starling, Duncan Geere
Additional research: Keshia Naurana-Badalge, Emily Blandford, Rhodri Marsden
Art direction: Kathryn Ruch
Code: Omid Kashan, Tom Evans, Paul Barton
Back end & business: Iram Quraishi, Ruth Jobey
With contributions from: Carrie Moore, James Round, Gareth Butterworth
Team William / HarperCollins: Myles Archibald (Publishing Director UK), Marta Schooler (Publishing Director USA), Chris Wright (Production), Mark Bolland (Copy Editor), Hazel Eriksson (Managing Editor)
Special thank you to Sebastian Majewski for sharing the vision!