A first look at our new book!

Announcing our new infographic mega-tome, Beautiful News, published soon by HarperCollins.

Inspired by our ongoing Beautiful News project, the book surfaces and visualises the amazing, beautiful, positive things *still* happening in the world. Things we can’t always see because we’re fixated on the negativity of the news.

Beautiful News by David McCandless

As per our previous books, this one is a welter of beautiful facts & rigorous data, visualised in riotously colourful visualisations, charts & concept maps.

The subject matter free-ranges across many topic areas. But with one thing in common: it’s all good.

The book is also full of fresh new infographic primers which delve deeper into certain key topics. To better arm you with context and understanding when browsing headlines and news stories about netzero, or nuclear fusion, or hydrogen power – or any the major advancements soon to feature in all our futures.

We’ll be sharing more images and details soon. But if this sparks you at all, feel free to place a pre-order.

It’s out end of Sep in the UK. Later in the USA. (Americanos – if you can’t wait, here’s the direct link to the UK edition).