Snake oil Supplements? Superfoods? Sports sups? Sativa?

Updated our interactive ‘bubble race’ diagrams summarising the medical efficacy of:

» nutritional supplements (189)
» superfoods (99)
» sports performance enhancers (95)
» cannabis / marijuana (68 conditions)

We’ve been curating these data graphics for some years now.

Focusing on health areas where evidence is scattered, or spotty, or unreliably reported in the media.

The higher up the diagram a bubble is, the more evidence. But *only* for the condition listed. (There are no universal panaceas here).

We centre on clinical grade evidence only i.e. large placebo controlled human trials, meta studies and Cochrane reviews. No animal or cell studies allowed. Though population studies had to be used in areas like superfoods where there are few blind trials.

The size of the bubble is popularity of a given substance or belief (via a simple google index).

One to watch (OTW) highlighted bubbles are those with a low number of studies but showing promising.

These interactive are generated from datasheets by our forthcoming data-visualisation tool VizSweet (out in January!).

Enjoy all four charts.

As ever, we welcome your thoughts, crits, comments, corrections, compliments, tweaks, new evidence, missing supps, and general feedback. Contact us here. Thank you!