Workshops are Beautiful? Learn our dataviz process

Fancy learning to be a data-viz ninja?

I’m planning my first ever public data-visualisation workshops. I’ve published two books, created 567 graphics and made 1923 mistakes. The data suggests to me that I’m ready to share my method and process. Maybe you’d like to join me?

What’s it entail?

This new workshop format has been developed over a few years of private events. It’s a mix of lecture & hands-on exercises with plenty of discussion and sharing. It’s honed to a tight, fun and creative transmission of the method I use to create data and information visualisations.

It covers:

» concepting and the generation of good, interesting ideas
» researching and curating juicy data
» executing and selecting appropriate & effective visualisations
» designing and beautifying impactful charts & diagrams

It’s a fun intro to the infographics approach: lots of pens, paper, sketching, sharing etc. All with a solid underpinning of theory. Everyone leaves with their own dataviz and nice handout materials.

Where and when

Here are the first dates. Click for ticketing and ordering info.

» New York (Manhattan), April 21st – sold out.

» London (Soho), May 26th – was sold out; a few places have become available due to guest changes

» San Francisco, July 27

» London (West End), Sep 9th

Coming soon: Paris – sign up for details

What are the options?

There are two main formats:

Theatre-style – Introduction – 100 or so people. Half-day.
Principles and grounding. Participants learn concepting, visualising and information design basics.

Workshop-style – Advanced – 18-24 people. Full day.
Small, intimate, collaborative. Same content but more detailed with a session of hands-on problem-solving using participants’ own work.

If you’re interested in either, please sign up immediately to our Workshop email list.

Advanced master class

For true ninjas who have already developed their own vizzes, I will also be offering an advanced workshop. If you’re looking to enhance and improve your design, concepting, research and story-telling skills in a group setting, tick the advanced box on the mailform.

We also might develop a webinar / teleconference type format. So let us know if that style of learning appeals to you.

Private workshops?

I’m also up for doing workshops for private companies – though I have a mega-busy schedule. Please contact our organizer Ruth directly if you want to arrange something.

Where do I sign up?

Here’s that mail form again.

Hopefully meet some of you soon.