Winners: Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards 2015

 This year’s Information is Beautiful Awards is a treasure trove of outstanding dataviz. Thanks to our esteemed sponsor Kantar for supporting creativity in information design, providing $30k in prizes to the winners below.

Data Visualization

660 Vaccines and Infectious Diseases small_

GOLDVaccines and Infectious Diseases by Dov Friedman and Tynan Debold at The Wall Street Journal


710 A world of languages small

SILVERA World of Languages by Alberto Lucas Lopez, published by SCMP


175 The Rise of Partisanship in the U.S. House of Representatives small

BRONZERise of Partisanship by Mauro Martino and Clio Andris


916 Close the Gap small

Honourable mentionClose The Gap by Studio Metric

Data Journalism

GOLDGerman Unification by Christian Bangel, Paul Blickle, Lisa Borgenheimer, Fabian Mohr, Julian Stahnke and Sascha Venohr, published by Zeit Online


Why Pinellas County is the worst place in Florida to be black and go to public school small

SILVERWhy Pinellas County Is the Worst Place in Florida to Be Black and Go to Public School Nathaniel Lash, Martin Frobisher, Alexis N Sanchez, Michael LaForgia, published by The Tampa Bay Times


143 What's really warming the world small

BRONZEWhat’s Really Warming the World? by Eric Roston, Blacki Migliozzi, published by Bloomberg Business


231 California's Getting Fracked small

Honourable mentionCalifornia’s Getting Fracked by Anna Flagg, Sarah Craig & Antonia Bruno, published by Faces of Fracking



207a Rare Earth Elements small

GOLDRare Earth Elements by Mark-Jan Bludau


334 UFO sightings small_

SILVERUFO Sightings by John Nelson and IDV Solutions


340 Valar Morghulis small 2

BRONZEValar Morghulis by Shelly Tan and Alberto Cuadra for the Washington Post



GOLDHow Ebola Spreads by Bonnie Berkowitz and Lazario Gamio at The Washington Post


64 The Counted small

SILVERThe Counted: People Killed by Police in the United States in 2015 by Jon Swaine, Oliver Laughland, Jamiles Lartey, Ciara McCarthy, Kenan Davis, Rich Harris, Nadja Popovich, Kenton Powell, published by The Guardian


194 Job Market Tracker small

BRONZE (tied)Job Market Tracker by Andrew Van Dam and Renee Lightner at The Wall Street Journal

771 Histography small (3)

BRONZE (tied)Histography by Matan Stauber

 Dataviz Website



GOLDVisualising Data by Andy Kirk


flowing data small

SILVERFlowing Data by Nathan Yau


visualoop small

BRONZEVisualoop by and Tiago Veloso


visual complexity small

Honourable mentionVisual Complexity by Manuel Lima


Internal Business Project

213 London Squared Map Making the city easier to read small

GOLDLondon Squared Map: Making the City Easier to Read by Max Gadney, Mike Gallagher at After The Flood

RPP intranet small


SILVER (tied) – RPP Intranet by Robin Partington & Partners, Studio Baako

DHL GoGreen small_

SILVER (tied) – DHL GoGreen Solutions Workbook by Monika Rasche

Commercial Client Project


Migration in the Census and in the News small

GOLDMigration in the Census and in the News by CLEVER°FRANKE, University of Sheffield, The Migration Observatory, VisualisingData



SILVERRent, Salary, Price of Houses by The Visual Agency


La dodgers small

BRONZELA Dodgers Digital Trading Room by Marc Maleh, Damian Boyd-Boffa, Gene Perelson, and team


Motion Infographic


GOLDThe Fallen of WW2 by Neil Halloran  


130 How many trees are there in the world small

SILVERHow Many Trees Are There in World by Jan Willem Tulp of Tulp Interactive, published by Nature


694 Syrian war in 5 minutes small

BRONZESyrian War in 5 Minutes by Max Fisher and Johnny Harris, published by Vox


Charting culture small

Honourable mentionCharting Culture by Maximilian Schich and Mauro Martino, published by Nature


Free Dataviz Tool

d3 small

GOLDD3.js by Mike Bostock

R small

SILVERR by Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka  


tableau public small

BRONZETableau Public by Tableau  

234 Quadrigram small_

Honourable mentionQuadrigram by Quadrigram

Commercial Studio


accurat small



domestic streamers small

SILVERDomestic Data Streamers


periscopic small



clever franke small

Honourable mentionClever Franke


Mini and Mobile Visualization


91 How to build a human small

GOLDHow To Build A Human by Eleanor Lutz


289 What’s across the ocean from you when you’re at the beach, in 7 fascinating maps small

SILVERWhat’s across the Ocean from You When You’re at the Beach by Weiyi (Dawn) Cai and Ana Swanson, published by Washington Post


74 The dude map - How Americans refer to their bros small

BRONZEThe Dude Map: How Americans Refer to Their Bros by Nikhil Sonnad, published by Quartz


274 Here’s how much of your life the United States has been at war small

Honourable mentionHere’s How Much of Your Life the United States Has Been at War by Philip Bump, published by The Washington Post

Special awards



WINNERSara Piccolomini for: Freedom in Countries, published by La Lettura


Best Team

WINNERBerliner Morgen Post for: Here’s How Loud It Is at Your DoorstepM29 – The Bus Route of Contrasts and Where the Population of Europe is Growing – and Where’s it’s Declining


 Individual Achievement

 Data Visualization Project


133 Dear Data small

GOLDDear Data by Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec  

191 On Broadway small

SILVEROn Broadway by Daniel Goddemeyer, Moritz Stefaner, Dominikus Baur, Lev Manovich


2014 annual report small

BRONZE2014 Annual Report by Nicholas Felton  


286 Surgeon Scorecard small

Honourable mentionSurgeon Scorecard by Sisi Wei, Olga Pierce and Marshall Allen, published by ProPublica

Community Vote

Based on entire 2015 Shortlist

GOLDThe World in 2015 by Peter WinfieldJohn Parker at The Economist

129 Visualisation of global weather conditions small

SILVEREarth: a visualisation of Global Weather Conditions by Cameron Beccario


679 Drones small

BRONZEDrones by Michael Yap, Zoe Mendelson, Zack Davenport at Friends

Most Beautiful

The entry from the 2015 shortlist that received the most votes from judges & public combined

133b DearData Stefanie small

WINNERDear Data by Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec

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