Announcing the Information is Beautiful Awards Longlist

2015 looks like another vintage year in the world of data visualization and information design.

We celebrate and exhibit this awesomeness every year in the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards.

Here’s the long-list.

An incredible range of creativity – awaits your brain – across design, code, concepting and styling. Prepare your mind for a gail-force blowing.

sorted by category

» data-visualization – a singular viz (maybe with slight interaction)
» data-journalism – long form text & visualization in an unfolding story
» infographic – several data-visualisations along a theme or story
» interactive – completely explorable viz
» mini or mobile viz – new category – a small graphic that says a lot
» motion infographic – video meets data
» dataviz project – a piece that involves many different visualizations
» dataviz website – the go-to place for inspiration and new work
» commercial studio – who’s doing the best work?
» free tool – software you can use to viz

stay tuned

Shortlist will be unveiled soon, along with a visitor vote where you can help decide who wins.

Winners will be announced in London on 2nd December and share a $30,000 prize pot.

Good luck everyone!