Knowledge is Beautiful, my new book

After 15,832 person hours of effort over two years (yes, I tracked them), I would like to announce the completion of my new infographic ultra tome, Knowledge is Beautiful.

Published by HarperCollins this autumn, it contains exactly 196 new hand-crafted infographics and visualisations, free-ranging across many subjects areas. Science, power, money, health, space, art, thought and dogs. Yes, dogs.

See the insides as I ‘unbox’ it live

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How does it compare?

It’s a bit of an evolution beyond my previous book, Information is Beautiful (published as The Visual Miscellaneum in the US). A bit denser, more detailed, more comprehensive, connected. Overall, going a bit deeper – much like knowledge in fact.

What’s inside?

There’s some amazing stuff within. Some of our best work, I think, including our biggest ever graphic – 14 pages! Plus a ton of visualisations exploring the relationships & patterns between numbers, ideas, facts and world-views.

Have a look inside.

Every single visualisation is paired with an open dataset. And most will eventually sport an interactive version, thanks to our forthcoming VizSweet software. I’ll be releasing some preview images and interactives over the next few weeks & months. So stay tuned (Twitter | Facebook | email)

See for yourself

Hopefully, I’ll be scrubbing up and shaving my big writers-beard to show the book off at some public events on both sides of the Atlantic. Sign up to our mailing list for announcements & tickets.

Until then, feel free to order a copy.


In fact, if you like the look of it, could I request that you pre-order the book?

All pre-orders count towards the first week’s sales. If we get enough clicks, we may be able to get the first infographic book EVER in the bestsellers list.

Here are the deets:

» UK edition (Amazon)(Waterstones – £7 off)
» US edition (Amazon)(Barnes & Noble)
» French edition
» purchase ibook from the UK Apple Store online

(I could not have done this without the amazing team here at IIB. I will thank them all in a separate post once I’ve had a lie-down).