$5000 Dataviz Challenge: Design a Page of My New Book

I got stuck visualising a dataset for my new book, Knowledge is Beautiful (US & UK). I wondered if you could help?

It’s a dataset on the price of a human life, today and historically, from ancient slavery to modern human trafficking. Pretty disturbing but important data, compiled to highlight a growing, global problem.

We’re running it as a mini dataviz challenge on the Information is Beautiful awards.

There’s a $5000 prize pot, thanks to our beloved sponsors Kantar. And you don’t have to be a designer to conceptualise and enter a design – you can submit a ‘napkin sketch’ too.

As an added bonus, I’m really keen on including this data in my new book. So the winning entry may well end up immortalized in that most old-fashioned but enduring of mediums: print.

Ping on over to the IIB Awards for all the details.

Data: http://bit.ly/human_costs
Closing date: Monday 24th March 2014 midnight EST