Information is Beautiful Awards: The judges…

Our global data-visualisation awards is gathering pace. Entries coming in thick and fast. Over $25,000 in prize money to give away.

I’m honoured to present a stellar first-wave of judges to review your work:

Enter before Midnight PST 13th Sep 2013.

iib_awards_judges_maedaLegendary graphic designer, computer scientist, artist and educator. President of the Rhode Island School of Design. Author of the Laws of Simplicity and Creative Code. Named the “Steve Jobs of academia” by Forbes. I could go on. I won’t.
He’s here: @johnmaeda //

iib_awards_judges_burgoyneHelmsperson of Creative Review, monthly print and iPad mag exhibiting and celebrating the best in visual culture, advertising and design. 
Check it: @creative review //

iib_awards_judges_stamenOf killer map-making and data-visualization studio Stamen. They won last year’s “Best Studio” prize and would probably clean up this year too. So we asked them to ‘ascend’ to the panel. Cunning. 
Nice: @stamen //

iib_awards_judges_mccandlessAuthor of best-selling infographics book Information is Beautiful, data-journalist, information designer and writer of this slightly hagiographic paragraph. 
Here: @infobeautiful //

iib_awards_judges_azizcamiFounding partner of The Partners and the youngest ever president of D&AD, Aziz is a leading design-industry figure with more than 30 years of experience in corporate design & branding. Here:

iib_awards_judges_stefanieLondon-based designer and art-director. Long term practitioner of data-visualisation and other dark data arts. Rennown book designer. Currently artists-in-residence at Facebook. Web: @stefpos // It’s Been Real

iib_awards_judges_duncanswainFormer BBC creative ninja. Now an award-winning creative director blending journalism, design and technology by heading up IIB Studio, our commercial arm.
Web: @duswain // IIB Studio

iib_awards_judges_youYes you. You will be able to take your seat as a ‘meta-judge’ on the panel via an online peoples’ vote. Make your choice count.

Let them see what you’ve got.

Closing date: 13th September 2013 – Midnight PST.

Follow @infobeautyaward for updates.