Information is Beautiful Awards 2013 – Call for Entries!

2013 is proving to be an amazing year for data-visualization.

We’re blogging our best finds on the IIB Awards roll. Every day there’s a humdinger, a stand-out, a chin-stroker or a straightout WOAH-BOMB.

That’s why we started the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards. To celebrate this unfolding new field as it amazifies before our eyes – and share the fruits with the wider world.

So if you’re creating dataviz and infographics, I’d invite you to enter your work into this year’s awards.

Last year we had 1000+ entries, international TV coverage and HRH Brian Eno stopped by to judge.

This year, $25,000 in cash prizes and many eyes await you.

Student? Individual ninja? Dataviz studio? Let’s see what you got.

Enter your work today

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Information is Beautiful Awards 2013