May I pimp the latest edition of my book?

Information is Beautiful 2nd Edition
There’s a new second edition of Information is Beautiful ( Amazon UK | US) out this holiday season. It features 20 new visualizations and over 20 updated infographics. I hereby pimp it.

If you’ve already got a copy of the book, thank you! This is probably not a substantial enough upgrade to be worth a re-purchase.

But it’ll make a great gift for someone who hasn’t read it.

English-language editions

In the UK, you can order it from Amazon here.

In the USA, book can be ordered as the Visual Miscellaneum (long story).

It looks like this:

The Visual Miscellaneum 2012 - David McCandless

You can also order it in Canada.

Non-English editions

» French: DataVision in France
» Datavision in French-Speaking Canada
» Spanish – La información es bella
» Italian – Information is Beautiful
» German – Das Bilder Buch
» Hungarian – Az Információ Gyönyörű
» Chinese – 信息之美

It’s also available in South Korean and Finnish (but I couldn’t find the links to those editions, alas).

I hope you enjoy it!