Announcing our visualization awards shortlist…

I’d like to invite you to review the official shortlist of the inaugural Information is Beautiful Awards.

Our global contest is out to showcase excellence in data visualization and infographics. I think the list shows off some of the best work of the last year.

Over 1,000 entries from 16 countries were agonizingly whittled down to a 300 strong longlist. (It makes a great browse if you’re looking for inspiration or to trawl trends).

Big thanks to everyone who entered and supported. Such a great honour to see so much flourishing creativity in one place.

Then, with much toil and heartache, we managed to boil down each of the six categories to a shortlist – of the best, most representative, most emblematic and most excellent work.

See for yourself

» Data visualization – A singular visualisation of data or information.

» Infographic – Using multiple data visualisations in service to a theme or story

» Interactive visualization – Any viz where you can dynamically filter or explore the data.

» Data journalism – A combination of text and visualizations in a journalistic format.

» Motion infographic – Moving and animated visualizations along a theme or story.

» Tool or website – Online tools & apps to aid datavizzing.

what happens next?

Right now, our awesome judges – including legendary artist Brian Eno, MoMA curator, Paola Antonell and myself – are reviewing the work and making their selections.

Alongside our beloved sponsors Kantar, we’ll be announcing the winners at a ceremony in London on September 27th and giving away $30,000 in prize money.