Our second $5000 information design challenge is on!

Information Is Beautiful Awards
We’ve got another pot of info-design gold to give away – and this time your work might land you on the Guardian Datablog.

Last month we ran our first visualization challenge. And, boy, did you peeps really rise to it.

And here’s our second challenge: MON€Y PANIC$!

The financial system, debt crises, recession fears, Wall St occupation, currency devaluation, collapse of the markets, the END OF THE WORLD! It’s all getting rather mind-boggling.

So we and the Guardian have found some juicy datasets we want you to use to explain what in the world is going on. Clearly. Understandably. Visibly.

Top prize is $2000 for a full design. Non-designers can win $1000 in our sketch-based napkin comp. All winners will feature on the Guardian Datablog.

We might add an interactive/motion-graphics string this time if we get enough entries.

All the info – dates, rules, guidelines, entry details – is over on the Information is Beautiful Awards site.

Now go show Gordon Gecko what you got. (You can take lunch, though.)