Great Infographics No. 13

How much Natural Gas is left?

How Much Gas Is Left?
Natural gas – how much is left, who’s got it and how supplies oddly mirror certain geo-politic tensions. Another little interactive visual of ours.

Acting Out
Is recycling the new typecasting? This visualisation maps HBO’s usage of the same bunch of actors across their series. . Twin it with the Movie Star Career-O-Meter which visually plots the career trajectories of 2,700 actors and directors. Some rise. Some tank. It’s nice to watch.

Wednesday Night’s All Right for Loving
Match Roger Luke DuBois’ new road atlas of the US, created using the terms people use most frequently in dating profiles with a viz of the world’s luckiest data night (Tips! Be impressive before 10pm on a Thursday; Sundays are not sexy.)

Soothingly nostalgic and fascinatingly simple, these infographics by Matthew Rowett encapsulate the state of the UK nation in 2011.

The Treatment Path Less Trod
In the Snake Oil: Supplements vein, medical researchers point out the useful, and sometimes simple, treatments overlooked by many. Not pretty. But interesting.

Also worth a look

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