Updates Are Beautiful No.1

What Does China Censor Online?

What Does China Censor Online?
Now that Google and China are engaged in deathmatch, we’ve enhanced our visualisation of banned keywords and censored websites on the Chinese interwebs. (As ever, our data is here for your to peruse).

SnakeOil Supplements

Snake Oil Supplements
Thanks to amazing feedback from visitors, we’ve been able to update and regrow our ‘living image’ of the evidence for nutritional supplements. Both the interactive version, the spreadsheet of data and the still image have all been re-versioned. See this changelog for the exact differences.

Some highlights:

  • Omega 6 has risen up. But Omega3 has taken a huge demotion. It may soon be restored above the ‘Worth it Line’ however due to new studies. Just part of a large evidence war going on behind the scenes. Stay tuned.
  • Cocoa has been thrust into the limelight after evidence for beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system have surfaced.
  • CoQ10, a much requested ‘super-supplement’, has been added. See where it appears.

Tide Predictions

Tide Prediction by Wilfred Castillo
This week, we were spooging over Wilfred Castillo’s luscious Tide Prediction graphic but gnashing at the small size of the sample images. Lo – a beautiful full sized version to be pored over. (Thanks Wilfred)