La Información es Bella

I wanted to say a grateful, heartfelt thank you to everyone who has bought my book this year. It’s been doing really well. Thank you!

It’s broken the Top 100 books on While the Visual Miscellaneum has cracked the top 2,000 on Thank you!

For something that took nearly three years of my life to write, research, design and promote, it’s immensely gratifying that it’s resonated with so many people. Thank you!

Overseas Editions

Thanks to this amazing response, Information Is Beautiful is now out / due out in ten countries. They include Finland, Hungary, Holland, Spain, South Korea, Brazil and China.

I didn’t think such an image-dense book could be translated. But these amazing publishers have proven me wrong. Just check out awesome covers from Finland and Germany!

Information Is Beautiful German and Finnish editions

The Finnish publishers called their version ‘Tieto On Kaunista‘. This, I believe, translates as ‘Rainbow Information Icicles Pierce The Bubble Of Your Mind’. (maybe)

The German publishers, Knauss, opted out of the awesome – but somewhat imperative – Informationen Ist Schöne. Instead they went for “The Picture Book” (Das Bilder Book). Which I guess the book is. They also put together a brilliant quiz based on some of the images. Check it out. (buy link on

But here’s my favourite cover so far…
La Informacion Es Bella

Glad they didn’t go through the torturous 90 version process we did to get the UK cover right.

Guess I should’ve done this self-promo way before Christmas. But if you are interested in purchasing, here are the links. USUKDE