Infographical Morsels No 7

The World Cup Is So Predictable
Apparently some savante has come up with a formula for soothsaying the winner of this year’s World Cup. Wired UK ran an image visualising the algorithm. Designed by the always awesome SectionDesign.

World Cup Predictions

The Appliance Of Science
How much energy does a microphone use? Or a blender? Or a sateillite dish? And how much does that add up to over a year, money-wise and planet-wise? A lovely playful app from Pentagram team of Lisa Strausfield and Mike Deal (of Charting The Beatles fame). (It’d be nice to change the currency though).

How much does each gadget cost?

The Four Seasons Visualized!
Beautiful synaesthesic bubble trip through Vivaldi’s classics. An experiment by MotStudio [Via]

The Four Seasons Visualized>

Die Hard Index
I don’t understand this beautiful map because it’s about sports. Apparently it depicts baseball’s most ardent fanboys. But it looks so great. It’s like information ice-cream. You know, for your eyes. Ice cream man Russ Maschmeyer.

The Die Hard Index

Still hungry?

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