Four Infographical Morsels No. 4

The Billion Euro-O-Gram

Euros are the latest currency to get the Billion Dollar O Gram treemap treatment in our collaboration with German newspaper Die Zeit. In a burst of impressive technik, they’ve rolled the image out as an interactive PDF. Click on the boxes to see the sources. Nice!

Infographics for Haiti
Good Magazine just ran an competition for budding visualizers to help us better grok the situation in earthquake struck Haiti. Some really great contributions for talented web folk. This from Emily Schwartzman was my favourite:

Haiti Graphics: Good Magazine competition

Oscar Piracy
Waxy does a great line in piracy data analysis. His yearly round-up of pirated Oscar screeners shows an interesting patterns. Are Hollywood’s copyright measures finally bearing fruit?

Maps For Timetravellers
A little journey through the 38 draft process than led to our Timelines time travel image. Part of a new ‘How To’ section on Infobeautiful.
Maps For TimeTravellers

As ever, if you’ve seen some work you think should be morsel-ified, please send it through.