Haiti Earthquake: Who’s given what?

The global response to the Haiti earthquake has been extraordinary and generous. But in the midst of all the reporting, it’s difficult to keep track of the numbers.

In particular, who has given what, who has dug deepest, and how the Haiti relief fund currently compares to those of other tragedies.

This is an image I created for The Guardian Datablog to visualise the international contributions to the Haiti Earthquake recovery effort as of 24th January 2010.

Haiti Earthquake: Who's Given What?
And the data is here for you to explore. (Thanks to Phil Wand and Jeffrey Grabell for the idea).

N.B. Reuters seem to have a whole different set of data on who paid what for the Tsunami. As they don’t list their sources, I can’t cross-reference with the OECD figures. Regardless, all the record keeping appears to dry up after 2005. But if anyone can find figures for after 2006, please email.