Four Great Infographics No. 8

So much great work out there at the moment, I wanted to share it with y’all.

Sekret Firmy Magazine
Russian infography seems to be on the rise. Here are some great visuals from a publication apparently called ‘Sekret Firmy Magazine“. No idea what it’s about. But my eyes just don’t seem to care.

Update: Secret Firmy Magazine is the monthly business magazine of Kommersant, the Russian equivalent of the Wall Street Journal. (Thanks to Bruce Bennett for the info)

Great Infographics - Secret Firmy Magazine, Bogus Freak
Great Infographics - Secret Firmy Magazine, Timur Shabeav

Images from: Timur Shabaev and

Damn Tourists!
Twinned with the Touristy Map Of The World is this amazing set of visualisations from Eric Fisher detailing concentrations of tourists in cities around the world, using geotagged photos. Blue are photos taken by locals. Red by tourists. Gorgeous concept and look. [via Burrito Justice]

Damn Tourists, Eric Fisher

If Crime Was Elevation
The peaks of San Francisco. Great concept converting crime figures into topology from coder Doug Mccune. Thanks to @calflyn.

How Much CO2??
Here’s a little interactive thing we did for GE’s EcoImagination initiative. A little window landscaping the relationship between driving and CO2 in America. Coded by the excellent Daniel Goldsworthy.

Memorial Day Emissions, Information Is Beautiful


As ever, if you’ve spotted any goodies, send them over. Thanks! David.w