Four Infographical Morsels No. 5

Tide Prediction
I liked the look of this one from Wilfred Castillo. Can’t really perceive its function? But love the detail.

Tide Prediction - Wilfred Castillo - Information is Beautiful

In Your Dreams
I really liked this visualization from Kailie Parrish. Not just for the stylish look. But for the subject matter. Stepping out of the info-, data-, stats-sphere into the deeply personal and a little bit magical-sphere. Nice! (I’d also love to see a version that was actually readable.)

In Your Dreams - Kailie Parrish - Information Is Beautiful

How Do I Get My Girlfriend To Shave?
Type a phrase into Google and it will attempt to auto-complete the phrase for you. An incidental feature but always hilariously revealing about the deep concerns of the group mind. I had a go at visualizing the query “How do I get my girlfriend / boyfriend to…” using the sweet tool Web Seer. See what you think.

How Do I Get My Girlfriend To Shave? Information Is Beautiful

How Safe Is Your Password?
A few visuals about the weakness of most peoples’ passwords have been doing the rounds. I like this one best as it adds an extra layer of sociological categorization. Due credit to Robin Richards.

How Safe Is Your Password? - Robin Richards - Information Is Beautiful

As ever, if you find anything worthy of being breakfasted upon by hungry info-nerds, please pass it on.