CORRECTION & APOLOGY: Planes or Volcano?

We got our figures wrong on the CO2 emissions of Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajoekull. Badly wrong.

So we want to apologise.

We pride ourselves on good data and solid information. Despite detailed research and feedback from Icelandic vulcanologists, our figures were out by a magnitude of ten.

The volcano is emitting 150,000 tons of CO2 per day, not 15,000 tons. (source)

The post was always intended as an open question. Our hope was to get the information refined and corrected. Naively, we didn’t expect the graphic to go super-viral.

We’re sorry for any confusion, annoyance and distrust this error may have caused.

We’ll do better next time.


p.s. Thanks for our great commenters and community for feeding back and correcting us.

Here’s the corrected visual:

Planes vs Volcano? What's emitting the most CO2

Here’s the data:
And the original post: