The Visual Miscellaneum: Errata

My beautiful book is out. Unfortunately a freak printing error has affected the text on 12 out of the 256 pages. I’m really sorry this has happened.

The Visual Miscellaneum

I’m pretty upset about it. I slaved for a year over every single page. So it’s a particular kind of pain to see mistakes creep in.

So I’ve put together an errata PDF of the affected pages. I’ve chucked in some new images in there as well.

Please email me if you want a copy of it.

UPDATE: Another mistake! Asking people to email me for a copy of the PDF. Doh. I’ve been deluged. Can I suggest this alternative method? Download this Visual Miscellaneum Errata PDF. It’s passworded. The password is the last word in the bottom right hand corner of page 159 of The Visual Miscellaneum or Information Is Beautiful. CASE SENSITIVE. Thank you. D