Four Infographic Morsels 3

Earth In Space
Volume Of Living Space On Earth
Thanks to Steve Haddock for that one. Apparently this map is secreted on Google Earth somewhere. Can anybody find a link for it? Thanks!

And on a similar theme – the undiscovered country, Antarctica, grokkable for size.

The Size Of Antarctica
(Apols. I lost the original link for this image. If anyone knows where it comes from, please let me know so I can credit)

Mark Coleran – Visual Design for Film
An INCOMING EMAIL alert in 200 point text suddenly flies across your monitor. Only the movies eh? This talented dude, Mark Coleran, is responsible for many movie infographical displays. Normally you only see them fleetingly reflected in Denziel Washington’s anxious glasses. But today they are in unveiled in their full glory for a long, proper look.

Mark Coleran - Visual Design for Film

Why Are Europeans White Skinned?
North Europeans are the palest humans in the world. Why? Here’s a clue: Blame Alpen. Explore this fascinating theory and nice story on skin colour.

Why Are Europeans White Skinned?

(Thanks to Peter Ayres) Knol, “Google’s Wikipedia”, rules BTW.

Mind Mapping A Mind Map
Lunchbreath’s amusing dig at Mind Mapping (which I personally find rubbish)

Mind Mapping A Mind Map

There’s a bunch more hand-drawn infographical goodness on LunchBreath’s Flickr Stream.

Hmmm, strangely map themed this time. If you’re still hungry for more infographical morsels, check out the last selection.

In the meantime, if you come across any visual delights, please send them through.