Fatal Infection

A few people asked for this. And I was curious about it too. So here it is. Case fatality rates for well-known diseases.

Case Fatality Rates for Well-Known Diseases
This was very hard to research. The AIDS/HIV figures are especially difficult to find. Many of the numbers are locked into the tables of 1,000,000 page PDF reports. Grrrr!

(I tell you – when I sleep these days, my dreams unfold in rows and columns…)

Anyway, if anyone can find tighter, better figures, or can think of any key diseases I’ve missed (preferably with data!), please get in touch.

UPDATE 1: I’ve added this. Thanks to Gorka Cortazar for the suggestion.

Disease Fatality rate vs Survival Time Outside Of The Body

UPDATE 2: I’ve edited the Seasonal Flu fatality figure, previously 9% to 0.1%. The original figure was based on the number of patients *severely* ill with ‘flu who died, not the overall number of infected people. Sorry for the error. (Thanks to Lucie Melahn for the correction). I’ve also reclassified MRSA to “serious” or invasive MRSA.